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Own the YouTube Homepage

Approximately 23 million Americans visit the YouTube homepage every day. A Homepage Roadblock makes you the exclusive advertiser to that audience for 24 full hours. That's viewership equal to a top-rated TV show, with an engaging experience you design to showcase your brand. This powerful digital stage delivers the massive reach, creative freedom and results your brand deserves.


Full Creative Freedom

Ads on the YouTube homepage are offered as a Masthead Unit with standard, expandable, and tandem options. Each format offers a huge canvas for your brand message and rich media interactivity to create deeply engaging user experiences within the ad unit. You can easily incorporate social media as well. Visit for examples of creative homepage executions.


High Impact

The better your creative, the bigger the buzz for your brand -- and the more activity you'll see on YouTube, search engines, and in traffic to your brand site. A Homepage Roadblock gives you:


  • - High click-through rates
  • - High interaction rates
  • - Increased video views
  • - More searches for your brand on YouTube and Google
  • - More customer visits to your website


After your ad runs, you can continue to increase its impact by re-engaging viewers with follow-up ads using remarketing on YouTube and on millions of websites in the Google Display Network.