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Yahoo PPC Management Services

AndeMarketing’s PPC management team gets the most out of paid search for your company.

You need a PPC manager that won’t focus just on Google PPC.

While Google still has a huge market share, Yahoo and Bing PPC can’t be ignored. AndeMarketing is a PPC management company

with expert knowledge in all of the PPC platforms.

The Yahoo PPC Advantage


Reach More Customers – Yahoo has over 2.3 billion searches each month.


Lower Cost Per Click – Yahoo has less competition so CPC is generally lower.


Geo Targeting – Yahoo PPC now gives your AndeMarketing PPC manager the ability to target your campaigns locally. If your business is focusing on a local

market, this is great news for you.


The Comprehensive Approach of Our PPC Management Company

Your company needs a PPC manager with expert experience in all of the PPC platforms, including Yahoo. Although the platforms are all similar, each has

its own idiosyncrasies that your Yahoo manager needs to address in order to maximize results.

6 elements of an expert Yahoo PPC management company


andemarketing Landing Pages Optimized for High Conversion rates

andemarketing Relevant Ad Creation Utilizing Keyword Phrases

andemarketing Getting the Most Out of Standard and Advanced Match Types

andemarketing Organized Category Management for Ad Groups and Campaigns

andemarketing Utilizing Expert Spilt Testing of Ads to Increase Conversions

andemarketing Geo Targeting Management When it Applies to Your Business