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What's SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

AndeMarketing can perform several types of analysis on your website to determine how you rank in your industry and how you stack up against your competitors. The goal of each analysis is to provide actionable recommendations, that once implemented, will significantly increase your website's traffic.

Types of analysis include:

Keyword Analysis, Recommendations and New Opportunities

SEO is inherently analytic. A/B testing and performance benchmarking is crucial to success. Keywords are the foundation of every search campaign. Keyword analysis should be your first and top priority. Choosing the right keywords will benefit you in several ways:


  • - Increase Traffic: Identifying and improving the search engine ranking position (SERP) for highly searched keyword phrases will ultimately increase traffic to your website
  • - Increase Conversions: Identifying and focusing on well-converting keywords improves conversion rates and return on investment (ROI)
  • - Stop Wasting Time: focus on optimizing those areas that have the greatest impact on your bottom line
  • - Find New Buyers: by adding hundreds of long-tail phrases, you will increase your visibility and the number of opportunities for capturing prospective new customers.


Overview: We will analyze the phrases that you currently rank for, the search volume, the average value and the top ranked phrases of your competitors. Once we complete this analysis, you will know, with absolute certainty, which short tail phrases offer the best opportunities. Additionally, we will suggest hundreds (maybe thousands) of long tail phrases guaranteed to drive appreciable targeted traffic. Finally, we will compare how well this data matches up with your current on page optimization and create an action plan for incorporating the keyword findings into your on-page optimization strategy.

Backlink Analysis, Recommendations and New Opportunities.

Nobody knows links like AndeMarketing. Let us unleash our private link tools on your website. We'll pinpoint your strongest pages, which sites to target for link requests, a review of your competitors' links, opportunities for co-citation, and much more.

Why perform a backlink analysis?


  • 1. SERP assessment: evaluate link profiles of competitors appearing on page one in the SERPs. Determine why they’re in the top ten positions. Search for weaknesses and opportunities to exploit or replicate.
  • 2. Competitor evaluation: a granular, by keyword analysis. First, we identify the targeted keyword phrases that you are being outranked for. Next we determine what link advantage the competition has: more links, better links, better relevance, etc.
  • 3. Internal link review: check your website’s link profile to determine why certain pages perform better than others. Is it due to light competition or powerful links in your own profile? It's important to harness the power of your internal link juice and direct it to the most valuable pages on your website for optimal ranking. We'll show you how.


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