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Internet Marketing is inexpensive when looking at the cost of reaching an audience. Businesses can market to a large audience for a fraction of the cost of more traditional means of advertising. The internet gives consumers the ability to research products without leaving the comfort of their home. Because of this, businesses can appeal to consumers quickly and from a greater distance. The strategy used and how effective online marketing is depends on the businesses goals and the cost and revenue.


Advantage of internet marketing is that measuring statistics is easy and inexpensive. Many parts of an internet campaign can be tracked, checked, and tested. Some strategies AndeMarketing can perform for the business in internet marketing includes Pay Per Impression, Pay Per Click, Pay Per Play, and Pay Per Action; all of these require paying for customers to be guided to your site.  To get organic traffic to your site Search Engine Optimization can be used. Using these tools AndeMarketing can find out which are more appealing to consumers through tracking the web site and measuring.


There are several business models to choose from. E-commerce, for example, is a model whereby products are sold right to the consumer, business, or from one consumer to another. Amazon and eBay are just two businesses that follow this model.

Another model is Local Internet Marketing, This is useful for small businesses as it allows them to be noticed by the general public as well as start relationships in their neighborhood city or town.  Some tools for this model include Social Media Marketing, Local Directory Listing, and Online Promotions.