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Keyword Term Research for Paid Media / SEO Marketing

Keyword research and analysis is one of the most important elements in a successful SEO marketing campaign. Keyword research is critical

to effectively implementing other web marketing aspects like pay per click or SEO.

Keyword Research Anlaysis can Make or Break an Marketing Campaign

Many site owners spend far too little effort on the strategy for keyword research analysis preparing to promote a website.

Strategic keyword analysis for PPC & SEO is crucial to choosing the best possible keyword terms for your marketing campaign. We’ll make sure

we don’t miss any keyword terms you are overlooking that are relevant to your business.

Let AndeMarketing Get Your Keyword Analysis Done Right the First Time

The keyword research analysis team at AndeMarketing has years of keyword research experience. We have helped both national and local

businesses of all sizes.

Our marketing research and analysis begins with you. We will have a keyword analysis consultation with your organization to get your input

on what terms you think apply to your business. Then we’ll use our tools to research other related keyword terms to use in the marketing

of your website. Lastly we hand sort the list for keyword relevance to you, or your business.

Not All Keyword Search Terms Are Created Equal

At AndeMarketing we will carefully research the best candidate keyword search terms based on:


  • Keyword Search Volume

We will research and select keyword terms for web marketing that have real and effective search volume. A popular trick of disreputable SEO firms

is optimizing for keyword terms that have little or no search volume, and as such are easy to win on.

Not AndeMarketing. Our keyword analysis team will research and select highly relevant keyword terms that have real search volume.


  • Relevance

If a keyword term is not highly relevant to your site or your business, there is no point in marketing for it. Even if you win a high search result, the

traffic isn’t likely to convert into new business. There many keyword research tools on the market. These tools make come in handy for assisting in the process, but ultimately it will come to human filtering. We believe that it has to involve a human being that can make a judgement on how relevant the keyword is to business.


  • Win Capability

We carefully research and analyze hundreds of search engine optimization factors for each candidate keyword term to carefully determine win capability.

Our research and analysis will lead us to relevant, high search volume phrases that we have a high probability of winning top positions in search results.

Our SEO keyword research analysis team will filter through these results to find the best list of keyword terms for PPC & SEO marketing that we know can

bring you quality, targeted traffic.


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